You must adhere to proper procedures when shipping barrels to Jamaica and  the Caribbean.

The following Items are Prohibited and Restricted from Import

Spear Guns, Gun Holsters, Motorbikes (700cc and over), Radar Detectors, Fire Crackers, Toy Guns, Camouflage clothing, Pepper Sprays and Tasers.

• You need a permit to import any of the following items ;

Flowers, Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Meats, Garlic & Onions

• Five easy steps to clear a barrel and other Packages

After you have collected your shipping documents from the shipping agent and paid the relevant handling and storage fees, proceed to the warehouse where your barrel or package is stored

If you have an UNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE DECLARATION from the airport, you must present it along with your passport and Tax Registration number (TRN) to Customs for verification.

At the warehouse, present all shipping documents to the security personnel and wait for your barrel to be located.

After your Item is located, the custom officer will instruct you to open and unpack the barrel or package for examination and then direct you to the customs cashier to make a payment.

Once you have paid, take the release order to the warehouse operator who will issue a gate pass to you.

• Please Note: Barrels containing “Personal Effects” or “Non-Commercial” Items calls for a flat rate charge of JMD$6,500.00 (rate is subject to change)

We advise all consignees travelling to Jamaica to collect a c26 (yellow paper) at the airport. This will grant you some allowance when clearing your goods..

All consignees MUST provide a valid photo ID and their TRN to the agents in Jamaica. If the consignee is not a citizen of Jamaica, they may use their passport  and get a TRN. This is usually a very quick and easy process.

Shipping Tips For Customers

Make sure that all wood packaging material destined for Jamaica is Heat Treated and ISPM 15 certified
Make sure that all Invoices are the same as the contents being shipped
Always speak to the freight specialist on hand as He or she will be happy to assist you

Children are not allowed on the premises AS HEAVY MACHINERY IS BEING USED
Be sure YOU ARE PROPERLY dressed. As per rules of the government, the security personnel will not allow you to enter if you are not dressed.

Beware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for hustlers. Only our freight specialists will be able to properly assist you to get your business done quickly and efficiently
Be aware that Only Customs Cashiers are allowed to collect payment for any duty relating to your shipment